Fonda Speedway: The Track of Champions

Welcome to Fonda Speedway! Fonda Speedway is 1/2 mile track located in Fonda, New York. Below are what everyone needs to know before you arrive at the Fonda Speedway.

General Admission is for weekly divisions. Admission for special events will be posted on the home page of the website and Facebook.

  • Admission: Adults $12.00, Senior’s (+65) $10.00, Kids 11 & under $2.00, under 5 free.
  • All children under 14 must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Blanket policy is in effect and is valid until 7pm to reserve your seat.
  • No coolers larger than a six pack allowed in the grandstand area.
  • No glass bottles or jars allowed.
  • No dogs allowed.
  • No smoking in or under the grandstands, concession areas, restrooms or entry gates. Smoking is permitted elsewhere on the grounds.
  • Small cameras and video recorders are allowed but no large lenses or tripod setups. Support our track photographer and videographer as they have very high quality photos and videos for sale at the speedway each week.
  • PARKING IS ALWAYS FREE all we ask is please be considerate park appropriately and do not litter.
  • Please respect the grounds and restroom facilities.
  • There is no standing in front of the grandstands when there is racing on the track. Everyone must be seated.
  • Track reserves the right to limit and or stop reentry at any time.
  • Pit gates open at 4:30 pm and Grandstand gates open at 5:00 pm.
  • Unruly or disruptive fans will be removed at the tracks discresion so as to preserve the enjoyment of everyone else.
  • And the most important thing to do after you arrive is “HAVE FUN”.

Choosing the best belt sanders for race track

The belt sanders are the best woodworking tools that every homeowner should have. These versatile tools will do a great job when it comes to old striping paint and smoothing the surface when renovating your home. These tools help in speeding the work that would normally take many hours to complete. Although there are many belt sanders on the market, not all of them are designed equally. They come in different sizes, types, and variable speed. For this reason, you need to make sure that you have selected the best model that suits your job specification. Today we are going to look at some of the things that you should consider when purchasing the best belt sander.

The first thing to consider is the type and size of the sander. The size of this product is normally defined by the width and length of the belt. The compact sanders come with a smaller belt are suitable for compact areas such as inside your cabinet. If you are looking for a model to help to finish up your walls, this is also an excellent choice. Because they are lightweight and portable, you can easily hold them against your wall for an attractive finish.

The bigger models are great for heavy-duty use. Because they come with a larger belt, they will cover a large area, helping you to work on a large area within a short time. If you are looking for belt sanders for the race track or models to work on large floors, the large models will suit your needs perfectly. Some models will come with dust collection systems while others will not. Choosing a model with a dust collector will mean that the area you are working on remains clean. This will reduce the effort needed in cleaning the area after that.

Another factor to consider is the performance of the belt. The sanding belts require frequent adjustment to avoid it moving away from the center. If the belt does not remain in its place, it can cause the belt to rub and break part of pieces of the sander or create holes on the surface you are working on. Selecting a model with the auto belt tracking allows the user to use the tool without worrying of this happening. Additionally, the quick belt release lever feature will save you a lot of time when replacing the belt as it allows you to do so with a click of a switch.

A model with a variable speed control is handy as you can use it for various applications. When working on a rough surface, you can increase the speed so that it can finish the task faster. Reducing the speed reduces the amount of stock removal allowing it to give the area with a finer finish.

The prices of the sander will depend on a variety of reasons. First, the bigger Sanders will cost more than a smaller one. Additionally, a model with additional features comes with a high cost that a standard model. When looking at the price, consider the job you want to work with your tool and pick the most appropriate model within your budget range.

Finding the best belt sander will not only help you to work on your project faster but also gives you with the results you want. Using the above tips will help you to find exactly what you need.


Using email automation to promote a car race event


A car racing company that does not involve an Email automation tool is bound to have few number of participants in the event because of the limited audience of other marketing tools. Features of the marketing automation allow diverse dissemination of information to unlimited audience widening the market. Lead pages are really better in advertising for the car race event.

A car racing event attracts various stakeholders who may want to capitalize on the event to ensure it meets its objective. Some of the most renowned marketing automation toolkits include Convertkit, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Ontraport. Gedlynk’s comparison to other marketing automation tools have the following advantages.

Powerful interface

You need a simple yet comprehensive marketing automation kit which helps you to develop Email campaigns for the car racing event. The Email campaign helps you to synchronize the Email database to increase the rate of business conversion since you have a sure lead based on the interest.

A visitor who subscribes to the Email newsletter from a car company website means he is a car enthusiast who will not mind attending the event. An Email campaign on his inbox about the car racing event will make him automatically adjust his schedule to create time and participate in the event.


The pricing plan of various automation tools accommodates the Blue chip companies and startups. It also allows you to upgrade or downgrade to a pricing plan of choice based on the number of subscribers. However, a low pricing plan has limited features but for a car racing plan; you only require a powerful Email campaign since you just need the marketing software to create awareness about the event.

Customer Relationship Management tool

The strength of the marketing automation tool lies in the interactive platform where you are able to make a comprehensive analysis of the success and failure of different Email campaigns for the sake of growth. The toolkit allows you to make adjustments based on the results of the previous events to make the upcoming car race a success.

Customized Email templates

The high number of Email newsletters categorizes them to spam folder giving it a high chance of being unread. This is because marketing automation function is becoming part and parcel of Email communication. What makes your Email campaign for the upcoming car race tailored to the reader? Marketing automation tool takes pride in customization of Email to increase chances of reading them and opposed to being dumped in the Spams folder affecting your participation level for the car race.

Social media and text integration

The use of an Email campaign only will not give you the expected results you have to incorporate other marketing strategies- social media, traditional media and other communication toolkits- within the system to ensure there is diverse awareness of the car racing event

Marketing automation is the modern digital solution to ensure the car racing function receives a wide audience and involvement of relevant stakeholders. Take advantage of the membership and allow them to sign up into your site for future newsletters as well as increase the Email list of your database for future Email marketing communication.


Woodtrack For Automobile Racers – One Of The Most Deadliest Woodworking Projects In History

Arguably, the the creation of board or wood tracks for automobile and motorcycle racers was one of history’s most deadliest woodworking projects in history. It was not really deadly for the woodworkers, nor was it their fault that board track racing ended up being such a risky, lethal sport.

Americans have been in love with speed and the thrills involved for over a century. Woodworkers were first hired to build wooden tracks specifically for cars and motorcycles around 1909, and that is how board track racing emerged.

The board or wood tracks that were built became known as motordomes. These mile-and-a-quarter-long circuits actually came in a variety of different sizes. The lumber that was used to build them would be 2 by 2 inches and 2 by 4 inches long, and they would have rough-cut surfaces.

In a matter of an hour, racers would riding over these board or wood tracks would reach speeds of over a 100 miles, especially of the severely banked turns. Consequently, many racers would be frequently get into dreadful and horrible crashes, a lot of which would prove to be fatal.

Even the spectators at these motordomes were not safe. They were equally at risk of getting injured due to peering down at the race from the lip of the track. Even after occurrences of accidents, including fatal ones, people would still amass at motordomes to spectate at these deadly board or wood track races.

Even though this was quite an appaling form of modern day track racing, it raises the question of whether it would be safer if today’s advanced woodworking techniques were used to build those tracks. Regardless, board or wood track racing is nothing but history now.

The sport had already become less and less appealing by the mid-1920s, and the people who would frequently be present among the audience no longer considered it a novelty. Now that automobile and motorcycle racers have far advanced protective gear, and thanks to techniques used in modern day woodworking projects, perhaps board or wood track racing might resurface again some day.


Car racing field offers Smoke meats

A car racing field is a location where people participate in car racing. During a car race, there are different kinds of the menu that are provided for the audience to get refreshments while enjoying the car race. One of such menu is smoked meats. There are different types of smoked meats that can be offered to the spectators in a car racing field. They include:

1. Beef:

Beef is one of the meats that can be offered to spectators in a car racing field. Beef refers to the meat from a cow. Seriously Smoked beef is very delicious and nourishing to the body. This meat contains several nutrients that can edify the body. There are several things to consider when grilling smoke beef for sale to the spectators of a car racing field. One of them is equipment such as Chimney starter, spatula, grill light, paper towels among others.

2. Pork Ribs in a car racing field:

Another popular type of smoked meats that can be offered in a car racing field is smoked pork ribs. Pork ribs have a high-fat content which makes them very good for smoking. Pork ribs are very delicious and nutritious to the body. There are several top factors to consider when grilling pork ribs to be offered at a car racing field. One of them is the need to have a grill and a chimney starter. A good grilling equipment would always bring out the best taste in a meat.

3. Bacon: A great choice in car racing field:

This is another highly nutritious meat that can be offered to spectators in a car racing field as a source of nourishment. Seriously Smoked bacon meat is the best. There are several things to have at hand when smoking bacon meats, one of them is that there should be a good grill, good chimney lighter, spatula, and long-handled basting brush. There are several types of cars that can be used to race on a car racing field. They include Autocross Racing Cars, 2010 Alfa Romoe TZ among others. Offering bacon to car race spectators in an innovative form of nourishment.

4. Turkey:

This is another popular type of smoked meats that can be offered in a car racing field. This meat has a great texture and a great taste. Smoking gives turkey meat a very good aroma. The meat is very tasty, delicious and nutritious. There are some top factors to consider when smoking turkey meat for sale in a car racing field. One of them is that a charcoal grill should be used. A charcoal grill leaves the best aroma on the meat. It also ensures that the meat gets the best taste it can get.

5. Goat Meat:

This is a tasty and delicious meal that can be offered to the spectators of a car racing match. This meat is rich in a lot of calories and their fat is very tasty and delicious. There are several types of equipment to have when smoking goat meat. One of them is that a good grill should be used. Grilled goat meat will make a great meal in any car racing event.