Importance of reflexes in car racing and pingpong

Reflexes are natural phenomenon that you have no control over them. Who tells you to close your eyes when someone wants to prick your eyes? What drives you to lift your hand the moment you see a ping pong ball cross over the net. What of swerving to prevent a head on while car racing? All these come because of a trigger that sends signals to the brain for timely action. Reflexes in both ping pong and car racing play a vital role. At times, they help to save lives or to win a game. What do you think makes players of the same strength and ability to have an upper hand over the other? It all depends on individuals rate of response to a trigger.

Safety and protection

Reflexes protect you from injuries. It is a safety measure against body injury. An opponent hits the ball with strength and speed, a closer look seems to land in your eyes. The fact that you blink and change your body position, even if it lands within the court you shall have saved your eyesight.

While racing, you drive in a corner and the car loses control as you go to hit a huge tree. In most cases, you will swerve the car such that it misses out by a whisker. What a better way to avoid such a fatality. All these decisions come from a stimulus in the brain that communicates with the responsible body part for timely and quick action.

Success in the game

The use of logic while either racing or playing table tennis gives you an upper hand against your opponents to get a win. Subsequent wins give you a title of a renowned car racer or a table tennis player. Who does not want to be associated with success?

Sharpen the brain

Reflexes are pure works of the brain. In car racing and ping pong there are hundreds of reflex actions which helps to kept h brain alert, just like in any game, you become better the more you practice. This improves on the speed of action immediately a stimulus sends a signal. That is why the reflex of an adult is faster than that of a child. He has built it over time.

Builds your motor skills

Ping Pong Guys use the limbs and the eyes to ensure they build a niche in the game. With time, they get comfortable for your hands since they have been in the game for longer compared to a beginner. These reflexes help them to improve their psychomotor skills. Why will a beginner not sustain a game for long compared to a ping pong veteran? Due to enhanced psychomotor skills by the reflexes. The body get used to car racing and gaming –the reason why psychologists say “practice makes perfect”

Enhances mental acuity

Speed, intensity and stimulus response because of continuous practice have an overall effect in improving the cognitive development of a car racer and a table tennis player.

Reflexes have a positive impact on the two skills.