Using email automation to promote a car race event


A car racing company that does not involve an Email automation tool is bound to have few number of participants in the event because of the limited audience of other marketing tools. Features of the marketing automation allow diverse dissemination of information to unlimited audience widening the market. Lead pages are really better in advertising for the car race event.

A car racing event attracts various stakeholders who may want to capitalize on the event to ensure it meets its objective. Some of the most renowned marketing automation toolkits include Convertkit, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Ontraport. Gedlynk’s comparison to other marketing automation tools have the following advantages.

Powerful interface

You need a simple yet comprehensive marketing automation kit which helps you to develop Email campaigns for the car racing event. The Email campaign helps you to synchronize the Email database to increase the rate of business conversion since you have a sure lead based on the interest.

A visitor who subscribes to the Email newsletter from a car company website means he is a car enthusiast who will not mind attending the event. An Email campaign on his inbox about the car racing event will make him automatically adjust his schedule to create time and participate in the event.


The pricing plan of various automation tools accommodates the Blue chip companies and startups. It also allows you to upgrade or downgrade to a pricing plan of choice based on the number of subscribers. However, a low pricing plan has limited features but for a car racing plan; you only require a powerful Email campaign since you just need the marketing software to create awareness about the event.

Customer Relationship Management tool

The strength of the marketing automation tool lies in the interactive platform where you are able to make a comprehensive analysis of the success and failure of different Email campaigns for the sake of growth. The toolkit allows you to make adjustments based on the results of the previous events to make the upcoming car race a success.

Customized Email templates

The high number of Email newsletters categorizes them to spam folder giving it a high chance of being unread. This is because marketing automation function is becoming part and parcel of Email communication. What makes your Email campaign for the upcoming car race tailored to the reader? Marketing automation tool takes pride in customization of Email to increase chances of reading them and opposed to being dumped in the Spams folder affecting your participation level for the car race.

Social media and text integration

The use of an Email campaign only will not give you the expected results you have to incorporate other marketing strategies- social media, traditional media and other communication toolkits- within the system to ensure there is diverse awareness of the car racing event

Marketing automation is the modern digital solution to ensure the car racing function receives a wide audience and involvement of relevant stakeholders. Take advantage of the membership and allow them to sign up into your site for future newsletters as well as increase the Email list of your database for future Email marketing communication.